Knute Keeling

Fitness Pro

Knute is an accomplished Fitness Pro with a remarkable 25-year journey in the field. For the past 10 years, he has devoted himself to researching and practicing the transformative power of Morning Routines. His dedication to understanding and optimizing these routines has made him a trusted authority in the fitness industry.

As a published author of the influential book “Family, Fun and Fitness,” Knute offers valuable insights and practical advice for individuals seeking to create a healthy and active lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

For five years, Knute captivated and inspired a wide audience as a Co-host on a major platform, amassing over 20K dedicated followers. His ability to engage with his community and provide valuable content made him a sought-after source of motivation and knowledge.

Knute’s coaching and training expertise spans a broad spectrum of athletes, ranging from high school talents eager to enhance their performance to professionals striving for excellence in their respective sports. His ability to tailor training programs to individual needs has yielded remarkable results for countless athletes.

In the last decade, Knute has made a profound impact by dedicating his efforts to working with the Golden agers population, specifically in improving their overall strength, balance, and morale while enhancing their cognitive and motor skills. This commitment demonstrates his compassion and drive to empower individuals across all age groups.

Through his specialized programs, Knute has become a catalyst for positive change, helping older adults regain their physical independence and boosting their overall well-being. His work goes beyond exercise, emphasizing the importance of mental resilience and emotional support in promoting a fulfilling and active lifestyle for seniors.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Knute is a proud father of two remarkable daughters who excel as high-performing athletes. Recently, they secured the prestigious National Championship for Beach Volleyball, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication.

Knute’s expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication make him an influential figure in the fitness industry, continuously inspiring and transforming the lives of individuals of all ages and abilities.